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Green Earth Ice Dam Kit



** Comment: while NBC Today Show says to put calcium chloride on your roof, that is actually corrosive and harmful to the vegetation below **

** Our products are safe for roofs **

Safe Roof Melt Products

3 solutions to really attack the ice problems on your roof - without damaging chlorides.

Ice Dams on your roof can cause major costly damage to your roof and the walls inside

#1 Ice Dam Liquid - extremely fast acting liquid: ORDER NOW

#2 Ice Dam Pellets - quicker acting pellets: ORDER NOW

#3 Ice Dam Sleeves - slow release sleeves: ORDER NOW


Green Earth Ice Dam Kit : ORDER NOW


  • Save Money on damages from ice dams
  • No costly electrical devices, saving energy
  • No damage on roof from chlorides or salt
  • No damage to landscaping and plants below
  • Non-corrosive and biodegradable




As a Complete Package - including all 3 products

Green Earth Ice Dam Kit : ORDER NOW


All of these safe, non-corrosive ice melters to effectively
attack the ice problems on your roof, and feel good that you are
being green and using products that do not harm the plants,
lawns, shrubs, and any other vegetation or animals below.

Update: Now with 1 gallon Liquid #1
DISCOUNTED PRICE: $99.95 - New Lower Price !

Or the new Green Earth Ice Dam Kit - EXTRA

with 3 extra Ice Dam Sleeves - And FREE SHIPPING




** NOTE: Our unique products currently are not available at any stores in New England and Eastern United States **

** Please let your local stores know that you are interested in our environmentally safe ice melt products **


Features and Benefits of Ice Dam Sleeves:

  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • De-icer material will biodegrade and will not harm vegetation
  • Safe for the roofing system
  • Easy to install - simply place on the roof, in any position that melting ice/water will go through the sleeve
  • Low maintenance
  • No wiring to install or ongoing electricity costs
  • Long lasting, fast-acting
  • Contains no salt - material is non-corrosive
  • Works even under cold temperatures
  • Size: approx 24" x 2"
  • Weight: approx 2 lbs




Background Information on Ice Dams

An ice dam forms when there is snow on the roof, the roof temperature is above zero (as a result of poor insulation, sunlight hitting a dark roof, etc...) and the temperature of the overhang and gutters is below freezing.  The water (melted snow) turns to ice when it runs down to the cold part of the roof.  As it freezes, it forms an ice dam (see picture at right).  As more water backs up and turns to ice, it can back up under shingles and cause roof damage as well as leak through walls and ceilings, causing interior damage to your home. 


What is an Ice Dam Sleeve ?

It is the low-cost, simple solution to prevent damage caused by ice dams.

The Ice Dam Sleeve is a sleeve filled with deicer material that is long-lasting and won't damage the roof or its components (including roofing nails, shingles, gutters and down spouts).  In addition, the run-off will not damage turf, shrubs, flower beds, or concrete at the bottom of the down spout.

The key is to melt an outlet through an ice dam, by placing the Ice Dam Sleeve in strategic locations, to allow the water to run through the outlet and into the gutters and downspouts that will open because of the deicing material.  Ice Dam Sleeves TM should be placed on the roof, one to two feet above the gutter, at the farthest point away from the downspout (in order to keep the gutter clear), and approximately every 20 feet.  It is a good idea to place an Ice Dam Sleeves in valleys where a lot of water runs to the gutters.  Gutters and downspouts should be clear of leaves and debris in order to allow for the ice dam blaster to work properly.

Under "typical" winter conditions the sleeves should be placed on the roof after the late Fall rainy season is over and as early during the Winter season as possible to prevent ice dam water back-up.  The Ice Dam Sleeve  should last for the entire winter season, however it may need to be replaced if enough moisture occurs to empty the sleeve.  When the sleeve is empty it will usually blow to the ground, so you may not need to climb up to get it.


Pete - inventor of the Green Earth Ice Dam Kit


Shown with one of the original Ice Dam Sleeve prototypes.



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