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Happy Paws ™ Ice Melt

In solid pellet & Liquid form

(No salt, No chlorides, No glycols, amides, or urea)

happy paws cma ice melter


happy paws ice melt

  • Simply the Safest de-icer for use with pets or children around
  • Contains no salt, no chlorides, no glycols, amides, or carbonyl diamide (urea)
  • "Green" formula is safe for vegetation and the environment
  • Excellent ice melter
  • Continues working, requires fewer applications
  • Pellets that are tracked inside will not stain carpeting or floors
  • Can be vacuumed

Early application works best
Use approx 1/2 cup - 1 cup per sq. yd (8-10 lbs per 1000 sq ft)
Apply at the same rate as salt but not as often
Apply in a uniform pattern - Pellets release heat and burrow to the surface: does not create a flowing brine
Plow, shovel or broom once bond is broken
Re-apply when new accumulation shows 1st tendency to bond

Store in original container. Avoid excessive moisture which may cause caking. Excessive handling may cause dustiness.


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