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Green Earth Ice Melter™

available in 25 lb & 50 lb bags


green earth ice melter 25 lb green earth ice melter 50 lb

green earth ice melter

dust free ice melt


Green Earth Ice Melter ™

High Performance - at a lower cost

*Extremely cost-effective, high-performance de-icer
*Safer roads and sidewalks
*Use approx 1/4 cup - 1/3 cup per sq. yd (5-7 lbs per 1000 sq ft)
*Low toxicity (LD50)
*Less damage to concrete and vegetation
*Quickly penetrates and dissolves snow and ice
*Green color to make spreading material easily visible
*Non-staining to concrete, asphalt, and shoes when used properly

** DUST FREE ** - will not create harmful dust that can cause problems and breathing irritability

A unique blend using the latest technology in anti-corrosion.



Eco-Friendly Ice Melter

Compare with calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride - at a much lower cost. Each crystal granule of ice melter is blended with a high performance liquid de-icer, which gives Green Earth Ice Melter ™ superior long lasting performance. Increased corrosion protection to equipment, and reduced environmental impact. Green Earth Ice Melter ™ also has less bounce and scatter when applying which reduces application rates, resulting in fewer chlorides being released in the surrounding earth.

It's unique green color makes for easily seeing where it has been spread. This coloring is also non-staining, and photo sensitive, meaning it disappears when exposed to sunlight.

Also available in pails, and handy shaker jugs.

Effective down to -25 F


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Green Earth Ice Melter - Testing info



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