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Other Salt "Blends"


There are many other salt blends on the market, that emphasize that they are CMA (calcium magnesium acetate).

The small amount of CMA contained in those products (some only 1-2%), render it ineffective in stopping corrosion.

Many lab tests have shown that CMA is an effective corrosion inhibiter when combined with chlorides such as salt. Tests show that a minimum of 20% CMA is required in a salt blend to provide acceptable corrosion protection.

A 20% CMA, and 80% rock salt blend was shown to provide a 70-80% reduction in corrosion. SubZero 20 is a special blend that is even more effective in corrosion prevention, and at a lower cost.

Read labels closely... a blend with a very small amount of CMA is ineffective at corrosion prevention, and what you are buying is basically - rock salt, and it will perform just like standard rock salt.

Check prices... CMA is a specialized de-icer, that is not the cheapest price-wise. If you are comparing de-icers and finding very low prices on any ice melter that claims to contain CMA, you can bet that the amount is 1-5% and will not contain any benefit. The safest for corrosion, concrete, and vegetation is 100% CMA.






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